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Our Services

We have the highest standards for service of process. We work closely with clients to provide exceptional service of process that is catered specifically to their needs. Take a look at the services we offer, and get in touch today with any questions. For your peace of mind, we are E&O insured for process service.

Service of Process

Delivery of legal documents to notify individuals of their involvement in a legal action. We serve all types of legal papers including summons, subpoenas, complaints, and more in both Idaho and Washington.

Messenger Service

Pick up and delivery of important documents, contracts, and messages throughout Northern Idaho. We are accustomed to handling sensitive information so you can rest assured your deliveries are in safe and capable hands.

Skip Tracing

Location services to track down hard-to-serve individuals. We use reliable databases and research to uncover information (such as addresses and phone numbers) to locate and serve defendants in Idaho and Washington.

Court Filing

Timely and accurate submittal of court documents to the county clerk to supplement a legal case. We offer Court Filing Services, Foreign Subpoena issuance, and Document Retrieval in Kootenai county only. This process is time-consuming to those inexperienced, let us take care of the hard work for you.

Investigations & Surveillance

Using videography, photography, and general observation we can gather the evidence and answers you are looking for.

Who We Are

Process Servers in Idaho & Washington

Delivered Justice. We do just one thing - file and serve lawsuits. Largely paperless, and with absolute transparency.

Sure, we still carry paper documents the last mile and ring people’s doors to deliver them, but you manage the entire process online.

Delivered Justice assigns a unique identifier to all service documents and checkpoints them to every doorstep. The Delivered Justice's unique in the field service of process tracking captures photos and GPS evidence. Our process servers e-sign affidavits right on their smartphones at the time of service. You get professional process servers, quality proofs of service, and time to practice law again.

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Our Promise

Prompt, Professional Service

Know your documents are in good hands – our licensed process servers are paid more and aspire to a higher standard.

Save Time

Upload documents, list the parties to be served, and submit. Manage and monitor orders online. It’s that simple.

GPS & Photo Evidence

Access time-stamped proof of your process server’s location for every attempt.

How It Works?

1) You file your case with the court.

2) Upload your filed documents via our easy online order form or if you prefer to mail them - place your order on our website and use our Original Documents Cover Sheet when mailing to us so we can make sure your documents are routed appropriately.

3) Your case information is entered into our system and forwarded to the server.

4) We will make multiple attempts to serve your documents and keep you updated as to status along the way.

5) Once service has been completed, we will email you a signed copy of the Proof of Service from the server and/or mail the original if required, which you will then have to file with the court. Please note notary requirement in the "Service Instructions" field when placing your order.

*​*** Please note, we do not file this Declaration of Service/Proof of Service with the court. If required, it is the client's responsibility to file it.
**Exception: We provide a separate filing service that can be ordered at for Kootenai County Courts only. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Our Pricing

For a comprehensive price list please refer to our order form. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Routine Service of Process

  • Standard dispatch to process servers
  • Routine
  • Includes 3- 5 attempts: Morning, evening, Weekend, and various hours.
  • Printing: 1st 50 pages included. Fee above 50 pages is .25 cents per page. You will be invoiced for additional print fee.
  • If Notary of Affidavit is required, it is included.

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Rush Service of Process

  • Special dispatch to process servers
  • RUSH, attempt within 24-48 hours
  • Includes 3- 5 attempts: Morning, evening, Weekend, and various hours.
  • Printing: 1st 50 pages included. Fee above 50 pages is .25 cents per page. You will be invoiced for additional print fee.
  • If Notary of Affidavit is required, it is included.

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Messenger Delivery

  • Routine (48-72 hours)
  • Rush (24-48 hours)
  • Special pricing/arrangements for areas outside 10-mile radius of Coeur D’Alene, ID. Contact us for a quote.
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*Same Day RUSH Available - ​**MUST be received before 3pm. MUST- Call and speak to someone LIVE to guarantee Same Day Service. Voicemail will not suffice and your order will NOT be processed Same Day. Please call (208)-586-9636 or (833) 357-3783.

Court Filing

  • Kootenai County Only
  • Routine (Deliver to the court within 5 business days)
  • Rush (Deliver to the court within 2 business days)
  • Same Day RUSH - With in 4 hrs.​**MUST be received before 3pm. MUST- Call and speak to someone LIVE to guarantee Same Day Service. Voicemail will not suffice.
  • Upload your service documents for faster service with our online order form.
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Skip Tracing/Person Locate

In today’s declining and uncertain economy, skip tracing is an important component of the Service of Process Industry. Delivered Justice recognizes that performing skip tracing at the outset of the litigation process will greatly increase the chances of enabling us to personally serve the subject. Please call with any questions you may have (208)-586-9636 or (833) 357- 3783.

  • Standard Skip Trace/Person Locate, $85: Current address, DOB, indicators for Bankruptcies, judgments, liens, current phone info, current email and a list of relatives.
  • Comprehensive Skip Trace/Person Locate, $125: Returns criminal history, current property deeds, current vehicle info., Bankruptcies, liens, judgments, suits, current address and contact info, list of relatives, address history, history of names used and more.

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3-Day Notice/Evictions, Postings & Property Checks


When a Property Management/Landlord needs to get a 3-day/eviction notice served and/or a Property check for residency, abandonment or condition of the property, using a process server can provide not only peace of mind but also proof that service occurred.

Property checks are achieved using a date and time-stamped application that records photos and inspectors' notes. You will receive a PDF file report with photos once the inspection is complete. (Inspectors wear a body cam and video record all inspections) We customize the property check to your needs and concerns. It's a great one-time or annual tool to ensure peace of mind and keep tenants aware that you are monitoring the condition of your property. This serves you and the tenant.

It is best to choose a professional for property checks, process serving, and investigations. is here for you. Click here to see pricing and order services.

Standard & Rush dispatch to process servers

  • Routine: Service within 5 days.
  • Rush: Service within 24-48hrs.
  • 3 to 4 attempts: Morning, evening, Weekend, and various hours.
  • Photos, and GPS evidence with every service.
  • If Notary of Affidavit is required, it is included.
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Investigations & Surveillance


Contact Us

In some cases we have found that when we use a combination of GPS tracking ​and Surveillance, we get fast answers for our clients. Saving them hours of worry and stress, as well as saving them a lot of money. No one likes the unknown. Get the answers & info you deserve, give us a call today.

What would you like to know? We tailor around your needs. Need to verify if a renter is still there? Condition of property? Experiencing vandalism and need video/photo evidence? Do you have an evasive defendant for Service of Process- we can stake it out and get it served? Have a surveillance need that you need to discuss? Give us a call or an email consultation is free.



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Surveillance Investigation rates start at $75 per hour for North Idaho/ Greater Spokane WA areas. Contact us.

Monday to Friday

  • $85 per hour 8am to 6pm (3hr minimum)
  • $95 per hour 6am to 8am & 6pm to 8pm (2hr minimum)
  • $105 per hour 8pm to 6am (3hr minimum)

* Minimum 3 hours for distances greater than 20 miles from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.

Saturday & Sunday

  • $95 per hour 8am to 8pm (3hr minimum)
  • $105 per hour 6am to 8am & 8pm to 10pm (2hr minimum)
  • $110 per hour 10pm to 6am and on holidays and holiday weekends. (3hr minimum)
  • Three hours minimum on weekends. $.56 per mile during the case.

    ** No mileage charge to and from local jobs (max 10 miles each way).

    Contact our office to get started or email over a request form.

    You can make a payment on our website then we will arrange an investigator for the days and time you requested.

    Contact us.

    *Do you have additional services request/special circumstances not listed above? Please send request through Contact Us form.


    Placing An Order

    How much does service cost?

    I am serving two defendants at the same address. Do I get a price break on the 2nd one?

    How do I know if you serve in a particular area?

    How do I create an account with you?

    I need someone served on a military base or in a prison/jail. Do you do that?

    I need server names for my Motion and Order. How do I get those?

    Will your company serve a property with a do not trespass sign?

    I’m ready to place an order. What’s next?

    Troubleshooting Orders

    How do I pay an invoice online?

    What are your office hours?

    Can I talk to the process server? I need to give them specific instructions about this service.

    I just got an email saying the service address is bad or invalid. I know this person lives/works there.

    I see service is complete. Where’s my proof of service?

    The court needs a very specific proof filled out. How do I get that to the process server?

    How do I send Delivered Justice my documents?

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    Delivered Justice is proud to offer an array of legal support services in Idaho and Washington. Upload your documents and pay for service with our easy online order forms.

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    Messenger Delivery

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